Friday 12th and Saturday 13th of April –  Trento, Italy



A Business Game is a simulation with the aim of training players in both hard and soft business skills. This game can be used for learning about business and testing different solutions to business problems. The latter is the reason why enterprises use business games to solve their issues in an innovative way. Besides, it is usually one of the steps of the selection process in many companies.

In JETN Business Game, there will be 80 participants, which will be divided into groups of 5 for each challenge. During each challenge, a different enterprise will describe a business problem. All the students will participate in all the challenges and their aim is to find the best solution for the problem proposed and to present it to the enterprise. Then, the representatives will decide which solution is the best.

All the challenges, the presentation of the solutions and the enterprise’s presentation will be held in English.



A €50 participation fee is requested from each participant. All the activity, lunches, dinners, the final ceremony and gadgets are included. The participants are required to leave a €20 deposit that will be refunded at the end of the Business Game if they will attend the organized activities.


Registrations will open Friday 8th March! In Business Games diversity is an advantage, so students from all the courses are invited. If you are enrolled in a University course, you are welcome! There will be two sessions of registration, the first is officially opened and will close the 17th of March. Don’t miss the chance to be one of the participants of JETN Business Game 1st . The selection process has two steps:

  • Submit your CV here
  • Send us your cover letter (max. 500 words) or a video presentation (max 2 minutes).

Please be sure to read the JETN Business Game rules that you can find below:
Italian version

English version

Based on the selection process, every participant will be invited through email.

The last step is the confirmation and the payment of the fee. The detail of this passage will be explained in the invitation email.



Daily Internship
Panificio Moderno
Clab Trento


Why should students participate?

Students will have the chance to listen to the presentations of important and different business realities. More important, they will have the possibility to talk directly to representatives and engage with them. Participants will face real business problems and will experience a high-pressure job in dynamic, multicultural and multidisciplinary groups. Enterprises will have all the CVs of the participants and they could do some speed interviews. Therefore, students will have the opportunity to present themselves as future employees. This is an opportunity to increase your network, both with enterprise and other students.

I am enrolled in a course that has nothing to do with business. How could this Business Game be interesting for me?

Business games help to improve not only hard skills but also soft skills, such as team working, communication, problem-solving and critical thinking, which are requested in many different works. Besides, it is an occasion of networking and having fun. Finally, all the enterprise work in a different sector, so maybe you will have a challenge with more marketing and creativity and another with more informatics or engineering. However, all the challenges have been created in order to be solved by different types of students, and not necessarily, they require specific hard skills.



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